Evidence packages

Each of the evidence packages catalogued here is a photographic record of the receipt, examination and “record of  evidence” for the evidenciary contributions received from the collaborating artist. This evidence was gathered from the artists chosen art, work or process. The evidence packages are catalogued and presented under the contributing artist’s name.

The evidence packages are an important contribution to the Evidence Project which forms part of the body of work towards the artist Ciara Struwig’s Masters in Visual Art, where she is exploring conceptually the “Aesthetics of the Aftermath”.

Contributing Artists’ Evidence Packages

Allyce Wood

Keith Lemley

Celio Braga

Claire Rosen

Coco Fronsac

Conrad Botes

Donna Ruff

Doug Beube

Elaine Miles

Eloy Morales

El Loko

Emma Lloyd

Gary Frier

Gina Heyer

Guy Du Toit

Gwen Miller

Gwen Murphy


James Croak

Jean Doyle

Jim Skull

JD Doria

Jo Hamilton

Johan Tahon

John Breed

John Isaacs

Joy Garnett

Judith Peck

Kai Lossgott

Klari Reis

Laura Haddad

Lien Botha

Liza Grobler

Liz Mitchell

Niki Hare

Tamlin Blake

Teri Donovan

Timothy Ely

Tracy Payne

Val Britton