Call for collaborative artists

If you haven’t been contacted already and would like to participate please complete the contact form on this website and I will email you an evidence form and additional details.

I am currently working towards a Masters in Visual Art, with a focus on the Aesthetics of the Aftermath; interrogating the idea of Evidence, and the notion that crime and art can dually be seen as destructive and creative processes.
Physical evidence can be defined as any object or collection of objects that can establish that an act, such as a crime, has been committed or can provide a link between and act and its perpetrator. In this case, the act is a positive, creative one.
The creation of a new art work indicates an endpoint to one reality and the initiation of another. The point of initiation is formed in the Aftermath and indicates a change in the accepted order. In a sense these details, considered to be insignificant, can be equated with minute traces of evidence that a criminal leaves behind at a crime scene, and allows the connoisseur to investigate an art work in the same way a detective investigates a crime scene.
As part of this work it is my intention to form a collection of evidence that is the result of the physical making of work. To this end, I am collecting ‘evidence’ from both local and international artists. The individual characteristics of the evidence allows for the association with a specific artists work and potentially with a specific individual work. This evidence could take the form of essentially any material, liquid or solid, that accumulates as the result of the art-making process:

  • Charcoal Powder or dust
  • Remnants from castings
  • Brush cleaning residue
  • Lino cuttings
  • Palette scrapings
  • Paper cuttings
  • Pencil Shavings
  • Soot or dirt
  • Fragments of sculptural material
  • Used paint or paint cleaner

I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to consider contributing to this project. Full acknowledgement will be given to all donations no matter how small.
Should you decide to participate, please collect your evidence in a Ziploc bag or container (in terms of quantity, roughly a minimum of 5 ml or a teaspoon and a maximum of 250ml or a cup will be suitable, depending on the nature of the sample). I have attached an evidence log form to be completed and returned with the ‘evidence’. In addition, please include a photograph of the work (or work in progress) [this can be emailed]. Photographs of the evidence will be included in research documents and on the project website.

Here is a sample of the basic ”  Evidence Log ” that will accompany and identify any evidence contributed.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to keeping you updated as this exciting project progresses.

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